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Aquafit Easy Aquabike


Aquabiking for a slimmer body

For you professionals : An innovative activity and a premium design for a thorough complementarity with your slimming treatments and traditional forms of relaxation.

For your clientele : 26 targeted jets to fight cellulite and fatty deposits (drainage and pressotherapy). Varying intensity of effort for a refined and resculpted silhouette (300 to 800 calories per session). An adjustable temperature for a real effect “light legs”.


Japanese sauna Aquafit Dome


Infrared therapy in the Japanese sauna for relaxtion and detixofication

For you professionals : Combined with our aquabiking, its use enhances the benefits and final results for a wide range of clients. A hands-free solution to free time for your other cares which can also complement them.

For your clientele : Results very quickly visible on the silhouette and skin. A feeling of well-being and immediate relaxation.


Boost your activity

For more than 10 years, Aquafit Technologie has been supporting beauticians in their development. Thanks to our wellness and slimming solutions, you increase your turnover, attract new customers and retain your current clientele.Our team supports you in the development of your financing plan (bank credit, leasing, etc.) until installation by certified technicians.

What they say

Aquafit Technologie supports you throughout your project

Financing solutions

With our partners, we are able to offer financing solutions based on the financial study of your records whether for a new project or a diversification of your activities.

Easy and swift integration into your beauty center

Our installation guides and technical recommendations are adapted to suit all kind of configurations We are also supporting you through the technical study in order to guarantee a swift installation as easy as fitting a shower cabin.

Kick-off and communication support

Your success is our priority! We provide you with our communication support : Success Kit including photos, flyers, banners and leaflets.
A full training will be provided for free, so that you can be ready as soon as your business opens.

Permanent technical support

Our technicians will give you our maintenance guide upon installation. We also provide a phone or digital technical support (“Maintenance tutos” for our customers only). Your machine can have a direct connection to our customer care, so that you can be always operationals and support your operation in the long term.

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