Benefit from the know-how of a long-established industrial manufacturer that combined a multitude of skills and know-how

AquaFit Technologie is adapted to professional operations by offering the broadest range of usages on the market, thanks to the electronic control of all the functions, plus the know-how of an industrial manufacturer with controlled processes that meet the demands of the ISO 9001 quality standards.

A profitable solution

  • - An established high-growth market
  • - Between €35k and €55k of revenue per aquabike per year
  • - Operating costs of less than €3 per session (water and electricity)
  • - A single hostess is necessary at the start and the end of the session
  • - No inventory management

Easy to install

  • - 5m² are enough to install a cabin
  • - We install and start up the aquabikes
  • - 82cm wide

Faultless hygiene

  • - A sterilisation and sanitation cycle after each session
  • - Used in clear water, without any added chemicals
  • - No sanitary risks. The water is renewed after use
  • - No restrictions imposed by regional health authorities (maintenance log book, etc.)

The best aquabike available on the market

  • - Upgradeable aquabiking cabins
  • - Programmes that meet your customers’ needs
  • - A targeted, complete and efficient massage
  • - Easy and fun to use

They trust us

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