Aquafit Technologie proposes a global offer. In addition to our products, we also offer services that will meet your needs.

Installation / startup

When the aquabikes are delivered, our team of technicians will help you to install, connect and startup you machines according to your requirements. This operation becomes a simple formality.


Once the systems have been installed, our technicians will train you in the use of the aquabikes, so that you can become independent and operational right away. This training covers the operation and the maintenance of the cabins.

Products / maintenance

We propose the best products to keep your aquabikes in perfect working order. We will provide products to combat scaling and to sanitise your cabins.

Maintenance contract

We can propose a maintenance contract for your aquabikes. We will deploy the resources required for the technical and preventive assistance of the machines in your centre.


We also propose a rental solution for our aquabikes that will enable you to access this activity and diversify your offer, without the need to purchase. Please contact us for more information.

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