We support you through all the stages of your project

Our teams are there to support you and make sure your project runs smoothly, bringing you the best possible solutions and making your project a success.

1- Prior feasibility study

We support you in the early stages of your project to identify together your requirements, including the most relevant layout choice of aquabiking cabins or the location of your centre depending on the customers you are targeting. We also take care to present you with economic solutions (purchase, credit, leasing) according to your financial capacities.

2- Business Plan and financing

We support you for the study on the profitability of an Aquabike activity in your future centre, thanks to our expertise acquired from more than 400 customers. With our financial partners, we can provide financing solutions for your creation or diversification project.


Installation guides adapted to suit all configurations guarantee you an installation that is as easy as fitting a shower cabin. Our technicians make the delivery and the start-up, in order to make sure that everything is perfect for starting the activity without delays.

4- Kick-off and communication support

Your success is our priority! Receive our communication support : Success Kit which includes photos, flyers, banners and leaflets.
A full training can be provided, so that you manage properly the aquabiking cabins and have a smooth operation.

5- Support and online training

Our machines are connected, so you get a technical support directly from our factory. Our customer service is then able to investigate the issues and address them quickly.
Easy tutos are available to our customers on a dedicated website to address quickly minor issues.
With an equipment quickly back in operation, your business can carry on to the satisfaction of your customers.

Our services

Aquafit Technologie provides a global offer. Beyond the products, we also deliver services that will meet your requirements.

Installation / start-up

Our team of technicians supports you during delivery with the installation, connection and sgart-up of your machines according to your expectations. These steps become a mere formality.


Upon installation, our technicians advise you in the proper use of the aquabikes. This training focuses on the operation and the maintenance of the cabins.

Products / maintenance

We can provide you with the necessary products for the perfect upkeep of your aquabikes. These are mainly products against limestone and for the sanitazitio of your aquabike cabins. With these products, the hygiene and cleanliness of your aquabiking cabins are guaranteed.

Maintenance contract

Maintenance contracts are available for your aquabikes. You will thus have a preventive and technical support for our machines.

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