Aquabiking is accessible and open to everyone, no matter how old or fit you are.

Combine exercise and wellness while pedalling in water :

  • - Fight against cellulite and orange-peel skin thanks to the draining effects of hydrotherapy.
  • - Improve your endurance and strengthen your muscles
  • - No aches or cramps, and at your own pace and your own chosen speed, a speed you choose from a wide range

Pierre Laurencin – Aquabike coach

“All of the benefits of aquabiking enable you to carry out intensive work on your muscles :
Pedalling is a global form of exercise for the muscles. The main muscles used are lower-body muscles – gluteus maximus (the bottom), hamstring muscles, calves, quadriceps – and the stabilising muscles (the abs).
The hydromassaging has an effect on upper and deep tissue and it is effective in the fight against cellulite. For people who suffer from tired and heavy legs, the combined effect of pedalling and the massaging water sprays help to improve the blood circulation. An important aspect of this workout is that water is a low-gravity environment which means that impacts are absorbed and wear and tear on your joints is vastly reduced. In addition, water is twelve times more resistant than air, so you use up more energy – between 300 and 500 calories per session.
And, as with all physical exercise, aquabiking enables you to increase your cardiovascular capacity, while toning the muscles you use during the course of it.”

AquaFit Technologie offers a broad range of solutions to get fit, exercise and relax.

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