We support you in every step of your project

Our staff is on hand to support you and to oversee the smooth running of your project. They will always provide the right answers and guarantee that your project is a success.

1- Pre-projet

We can help from the very earliest stage of your project in order to identify your needs together, to choose the right cabins or to locate your centre according to the target clientele. We can also present the economic solutions (purchase, rental) that are best suited to your financial means.

2- Business Model

With us, you are totally free to run your centre without any restrictions (franchise, royalties, fees, etc.), so that you can turn the highest possible profits.


Together, we draw up the specifications for the future integration of the aquabikes in your centre. We will make clear and simple recommendations on the installation, so that you have a totally free hand with your own contractors who are tasked with the necessary preliminary works.

4- Operation

Before your centre opens, we will check the installation of your aquabikes and we can also propose support for your marketing materials (flyers, stickers, etc.).

5- Upgradeability

Since our machines are upgradeable, we can propose improvements that will grow your activity and build customer loyalty.

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