Aquafit Technologie™ is the only French manufacturer that internally designs and manufactures all the components of an aquabiking machine in an individual cabin.

A design office

Our team of engineers spares no efforts in the design of products that are reliable and robust, and that meet the specifications of operators and customers.

  • - Design of the shell
  • - Design of the hydromassage
  • - Design of the mechanical parts
  • - Design of the electronics

A production workshop

Our fitters take great care in the production of our aquabikes in order to meet our required standards of quality.

  • - Preparation of the hydraulic kits
  • - Assembly of the aquabikes
  • - Operational tests
  • - Packaging

Our sales department

Our sales team is ready to answer all your questions about your project to install individual aquabiking cabins.

  • - Pre-project support
  • - Definition of your needs
  • - Recommendation on installation
  • - Training in the use of the aquabikes

After-sales service

Our After-sales service department takes care of all the logistical and administrative questions and the hotline.

  • - Installation and startup by our own technicians
  • - Hotline support
  • - A permanent stock of spares
  • - A maintenance contract for quick repairs

A skilled and dedicated team that takes care of you throughout your project

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