With the aquabiking in cabin discover a vast array of benefits!

The regular practice of aquabiking is a source of well-being and benefits. Pedalling works the lower body muscles and the abdominal muscles thanks to the higher water resistance than that of the air. When exercising in water, the pressure naturally masses your body. In nour aquabike in cabin Aquafit EASY, the massage is accentuated by the hydromassage action of the machine 26 adjustable jets. Exercising in water prevents sore muscles. The regular practice of aquabiking in cabin gives definite results after one to two months at the rate of one to two sessions per week. A cure of 8 to 10 sessions of aquabiking allows to obtain visible results.

Find more about the 5 main benefits related to the aquabiking activity hereunder!

Anti-cellulite benefits

Individual aquabiking contributes to firmer skin and the loss of cellulite.

Pedalling works all of the deep muscles in the thighs and lower legs. The activity mainly firms up and sculpts the lower body muscles (buttocks, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps) as well as the stabilising muscles (abdominal muscles).

In addition, the hydromassage action produced by the EASY Aquabike’s 26 jets acts on surface and deep body tissue and effects circulatory drainage on the cellulite areas, reducing the “orange peel” appearance with every session and also fighting water retention.

Several physiological effects of the aquabike on cellulite :

  • The recovery of circulation and the pressotherapy effect allow the correct elimination of toxins.
  • Hydromassage with the jets on full power smooths out the fatty deposits and improves the skin’s texture as it makes it firmer.
  • Pedalling in the individual aquabike allows :
    1. Cardiovascular work to burn a maximum amount of energy. Different studies show that to encourage the loss of body fat, the sessions should be longer than 30 minutes.
    2. Muscle tone, especially that of the buttocks, is improved.

Benefits – Calories

Individual aquabiking encourages weight loss and increases the number of calories burned.

A study (see downloadable document) currently being conducted on this subject aims to compare energy intake and expenditure after pedalling in water with and without hydromassage jets.

The results show :

  • No difference in the perception of difficulty of effort with or without jets.
  • An increase in energy expended with hydromassage jets.
  • A reduction of energy intake from the meal following the individual aquabiking exercise.

In conclusion, the results show that pedalling in an individual aquabike is conducive to the energy deficit.
The use of hydromassage jets is a parameter that contributes even more to this deficit.
Also, the water’s reduction of the effect of gravity means the aquabike can help some people (those who are overweight, trying to lose some weight…) do cardio training and lose weight more easily than with a conventional bike. This activity is gentler on the joints and there is no risk of sore muscles.

Benefits for Heavy Legs

Improve venous return from your legs !

Aquabiking is the best physical activity for this type of problem. The muscular effort (phlebotonic action on the thighs and lower legs) associated with the water turbulence created by the pedalling reinforces this action. The use of jets allows you to actively fight against water retention and circulatory disorders.

These benefits have been observed by Olivier Terzago, a physiotherapist in Bourgoin-Jaillieu (Isère).

Benefits for Rehabilitation

The beneficial effects of using the Aquafit EASY have been observed on swollen post-operation knees.

These observations were made be Olivier Terzago, a physiotherapist in Bourgoin-Jaillieu (Isère).

Better tolerance by the patient is observed, as well as less pain, reduced swelling and therefore a shorter rehabilitation process. One machine combines the effects of gradual muscular movement, flotation, massage from the jets and the controlled water temperature.

Benefits for Recovery

The effectiveness of recovery with individual aquabiking following intense effort has been proved by tests conducted on 10 football players (French National 2 championship) in February 2018 by 2 physiotherapists in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region.

These tests demonstrated that recovery using an EASY aquabike is more effective than recovery in active, passive or mere immersion.


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